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Fix Your Broken Finances

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© Photographer: Shane Larson | Agency: Dreamstime.com All of us experience set backs from time to time, and some of us will have to start over with nothing. One thing I really like about this topic is that it will be a refresher and reminder for me. I have recently purchased a new home and acquired a new dog. And I find that, maybe like you, I need to create financial habits that fit my new reality.  I am also working toward an early retirement, so it is time to get my own personal financial planning in tip-top shape.

As I was letting this idea percolate in my brain (a fairly stable piece of grey matter with a few air holes for ventilation) I wondered what I could bring to the table in this discussion. After all, people have been studying and writing about personal financial planning forever, and we still make mistakes. Hmmmmm, can I bring a unique point of view and add real value here? What do I have to offer and why should people listen to me?

Can we be real, just for a minute? Yes, it’s true that I have a solid background in personal financial planning, both in the academic world and in real life. But don’t most of us KNOW most of this stuff? It’s DOING the right thing that’s the trick. After all, if our finances never got broken, we wouldn’t have to fix them.  And that’s when I realized, it’s my lifelong interest in transforming change that makes me a little different from many of the experts. I admit, sometimes I studied change because I had messed up so badly I needed to fix something about my life-but those are the lessons that stick.  As a certified life coach with real life experience in fixing my own finances and helping others do the same, I am excited to reach out and help even more people with this blog.  See, if you are going to fix your financial situation, and have it stay fixed, you will need some powerful motivation and I can help you with that.

Here’s the tentative outline to get us where we’re going:

Change Management The Winning Why-you must have this to get you through the challenging times

Gluey Goals-the kind of goals that stay with you and help you make the fix stick

You are Here-moving out of denial

Bridging the Gap-between where you are and where you want to be

Mastering Motivation-helpful skills and techniques to keep a strong start going

Money Management The Starting Point-You are Here with an emphasis on finances

Pick the Low Lying Fruit-for a quick start on your fix do the easy things first

A Spending Plan

Smart Purchasing Habits-how to handle big purchases

The Rest of the Story-can you increase your income?

Residual Income and Retirement

Odds and Ends-some other fix it tips that don’t fit elsewhere

Other-any topics you would like to see here?  What do you need to know to fix your finances?

Do you have success tips to share? I’d love you to leave a comment below.

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Vision video

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Oct 282013

Personal Vision

Are you ready to create your own future?  It’s all about your personal vision. What are your dreams? What is the future that pulls you so compellingly that you MUST reach it and will gladly forgo immediate gratification to pursue your destiny? Reaching for our dreams is hard work. To get through the challenges and temptations, we must create a vision of a future that will pull us through.

Where do you want to go in life? Who do you want to be? Can you see, hear, taste, smell and touch your vision just like the future was already here? Share your answers and your tips below

Struggling?  Watch the video below for inspiration.

Create your vision. Be inspired!

I love to hear from my readers-please share below the tips that you use to keep yourself on track when the going gets tough.